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Gardens Edge
Guatemala Community Tourism

The Garden’s Edge offers tours of Guatemala and our projects. We set up tours for school, church, community, university, or other groups. These tours can be catered to the interests of your group. All tours include a unique chance to travel off the tourist route, and learn about the Mayan culture.

Gardens Edge
Guatamala Youth Projects 2010

The youth program consists of 10 workshops held once a month from February to November 2010. The workshops will serve to recognize and train new youth leaders in sustainable farming, Mayan culture, and community development

Gardens Edge Guatemala Reforestation Projects

Edson Xiloj, director of Qachuu Aloom, organized a reforestation project with support from Rights Action to help reforest communities that were destroyed by the construction of the Chixoy Hydroelectric Dam.

Gardens Edge Radio Program: “Voices from the field”

Julian Vasquez Chun, 25 learned Permaculture methods as a young participant of Qachuu Aloom. He now works for the association as permaculture teacher and manages Qachuu Aloom’s seed bank. In 2010, he started his own weekly radio program based on Permaculture.

qachuu aloom

Qachuu Aloom, Guatemala News 2009/2010

In 2009, we expanded our work in Guatemala to six new villages with 100 new family gardens and one new community garden. We increased our seed production by 150% directly benefiting woman producers and their families, as well as contributing to the financial sustainability of Qachuu Aloom.

gardens edge farm tour 2009

Guatemala Farm Tours 2009

Visit The Ecological Farming Center of The "Qachuu Aloom" Mother Earth Association.

November 7th-15th, 2009 -  Mayan Farmers will guide you through their village gardens & share their stories of rebuilding their communities after Guatemala's Cival War

December 5th-13th, 2009 -  Farm Tour and Cultural Exchange for Indigenous Farmers from around the world

albuquerque journal

Albuquerque Journal Artical 2008

Mayans find striking similarities between their agricultural traditions and U.S. Native American ways, and are fighting to keep them alive

Hopi, Arizona

Projects Summer 2008

Qachuu Aloom Staff Visits Sustainable Agriculture Projects in New Mexico and Arizona

Garden's Edge

News Update for July - August 2008

Six Qachuu Aloom members receive scholarships to Participate in Thirteenth Annual   Traditional Agriculture/Permaculture Design Course 2008

Fund Raising Events 2008

From the Ground Up: What creates Community? Six Mayan leaders visit New Mexico to share their efforts to rebuild community after Guatemala’s civil war

Permaculture Institute   "Several projects are worth noting in Guatemala,"...

The project in Rabinal focuses on nutrition and seed saving, to protect local biodiversity, food security and traditional agriculture. Most of the work is geared towards women. Beginning in 2007, there are plans for offering Permaculture Design Courses in Rabinal.